Top Achiever

Top Achiever



In K.G. classes,playway method of teaching is insisted. Teaching with aids inside the classroom is encouraged. We are interested in making students to understand the concepts. We are 10th & 12th std students for matriculation and 12th examinations respectively. English is the medium of instruction.


All the primary wing children (1 to 5) have English as their first language, tamil / hindi as the second language and hindi/tamil as the third language. without collecting any fees, we are preparing the interested 5th std students for prathmic examination. from 6th std, onwards, interested students can learn hindi from hindi pandits of our school at free of cost.


First std &second std students can learn theory with demonstration. From 3rd std onwards ,students have been taught some packages. We are giving them practical works in computers. We are offering them practical special courses for students.


Scouts and guides are functioning in the middle school level. Club activities are given to students from 1 std to 10th std . All Saturdays will be holidays for K.G. children.


Efficient and trained teachers and professionals give valuable training for those students who expertise themselves in different fields of sports.


Students from 3rd to 9th std should take anyone of the following as their optional subject – classical music (vocal) / veena / bharathanatyam / mirdangam / keyboard. No separate fee is collected for this. Yoga is taught to all students at free of cost.


The school aims to impart good and high standard of education and follows the latest syllabus prescribed by Matriculation Board of Tamilnadu.The three Language system English,Tamil and Hindi is followed.Importance is given for extra curricular and co-curricular activities.

Teaching Staff

The school has a team of highly qualified teaching staff.

Tests and Exams

Three mid-term and three terminal examinations will be conducted.progress reports will be sent to the parents as soon as the tests and exams are over.In addition to this,regular cyclic tests will be conducted,that helps the students to through their portions well.

House System

To encourage healthy competition among the pupils and teachers in the academic,sports,games and cultural activities etc.,We follow the house system.


The school has a general Library which has a number of reference books both for teachers and pupils. The school plans to have class library to incalculate the habit of reading from the younger age.

Smart Class

The smart classes make the students and teachers enjoy learning much more than ever before.

Language Lab

We have well equiped language lab and a campus videography to view(focus) our environment.Audio facility for the entire campus is provided to attend our students immediate requirements.


The school has a very good transport facility which supply in all directions.

School Fees

Special fees have to be paid in the beginning of the academic year.The tution fees are to be paid for all the twelve months viz. June to May and to be paid once in four months at the beginning of each term(in three instalments).Fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances.